Archived article: Cobalt Blue for Fall 2012

Bold colors carry over into Fall 2012, but what is the color of the season this year?

English: Cobalt blue Deutsch: Cobaltblau

English: Cobalt blue Deutsch: Cobaltblau (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Fall, you may notice bold colors of summer are carrying over into Fall.  Many clothes you see in stores right now have a minimalist look to them.  Bold colors are paired with white, creating a stunning bright look.  Color blocking with crisp clean structured designs can be seen in many of the major department stores.  As Fall lines don the racks of your favorite stores,  be sure to include cobalt blue in your Fall wardrobe.  Upon review of the many fashion magazines and clothing store ads, you may have noticed, the big bold color for Fall 2012 is this deep rich hue of blue.  Enjoy your fall shopping.  Be sure to check back soon for my list of “Must Haves” for Fall 2012.  Thanks for reading.


How to Choose a Swimsuit

How do you find the swimsuit that is right for you?  Shopping for a swimsuit can be a daunting task.  There are so many styles, so many colors, so many fits, and so many cuts.

First, let’s look at color and pattern


LADIES HOME JOURNAL, SWIMSUIT LAYOUT (Photo credit: George Eastman House)

Selecting a swimsuit with a solid color or print may be a difficult choice when purchasing a new swimsuit.   But, if you know just a few hints, this decision can quickly be narrowed down.  Printed designs tend to call attention to a pattern, and solid colors tend not to attract focus.

Printed designs catch the eye and tend to make certain areas stand out.  Flowers tend to enhance areas, and horizontal stripes widen areas.  Vertical stripes will elongate your body.  Solid colors tend to be more slimming and tend not to accentuate certain areas.

Next, let’s  enhance your figure

So, knowing the above few facts and the shape of your own body, perhaps you have already decided upon solid or print for you swimsuit.  If not, here are some suggestions that help you focus on areas that enhance your body.  You may wish to mix solid and patterns to create your best look.

  1.  If you would like to hide body flaws with a one piece swim suit, a suit with a darker background and big pattern will provide a slimming effect with a distraction.
  1. A solid dark color will provide a slimming effect and focus will be on your face instead of your printed suit.
  1. If you would like to make your hip and thigh area look smaller, go with a solid color bottom and a printed top.  This applies to a one piece or a two piece swim suit.
  1. If you would like to enhance your bust line, select a pattern that is bright and has a busy pattern on the top and a darker bottom.  Swim suits with a V-neck cut (halter) give smaller chests a boost.  Ruffles also accentuate the bust area.
  1. If you have a wide waist area, gathered fabrics in a solid color reduce the appearance of a thick waist.

Please read Tips for shopping for a swimsuit and Swimsuit styles and shapes for more ideas on selecting a swimsuit that is right for you.

Happy shopping.

Archived article: Hot Colors and Trends for Spring

Do you have this Spring’s hot color?  As you may have noticed, when shopping this Spring, many bright colors and bright colored jeans are in the stores right now.  Colored jeans are big this year with bold bright colors.  Of course pastels are always a hit for Spring, but have you noticed specifically which colors are hot for 2012?

earthtone colors for Spring 2012

Pastels this year are subdued and muted so they have a more earthtone look.  Beige tones, tans and whites are hot. Black and white is a classic look each Spring and quite abundant this year.

orange/ coral

However, the big bold spring color this year is orange.  The orange coral tone is popular.  Perhaps you have noticed this color this year as you have started your Spring shopping. Have you also noticed different tones of orange?  Orange adds a pop of color to earthtones and muted pastels.  Even if you don’t like orange, you could pick up an orange lightweight scarf to wear with a tank top under a chiffon see through blouse. A pop of orange color will keep you current this year.

Add orange with earthtones this Spring/Summer.

Is it okay to wear black to a Spring wedding?

Would you wear black to a Spring wedding?  Please take our survey below.

Signature A la Mode’s response: Yes and No.  Sure that’s helpful right.  Well, the answer depends on what time of day the wedding is scheduled for.

If the wedding is scheduled for morning or early afternoon, it would be best to refrain from wearing black.  Traditionally, black has been reserved for funerals and formal settings.  During the day, in the Spring a more colorful attire is typically more accepted by a group of diverse guests.  Pastels are a common choice for bridesmaid dresses in the Spring, so if you choose a pastel, a small shrug or shawl over your dress would help deter attention should the bridesmaids have a similar color as you.  It is safe to go with a print dress for a daytime Spring wedding.

A black dress is acceptable to wear to a night wedding in Spring as black is an evening wear color.  However, it is advisable to add color for a more festive look as one does not want to be reminded of funeral colors in the church.  Adding colored shoes and a colored clutch is a great way to display a pop of color.

What are the hot colors for Fall 2011?

JUST GO BOLD this year.  This year, many designers are showing clothes that are colorful, loud and make a statement.  These colors will enhance your wardrobe this year.

Fall 2011 Colors:

Royal Blue

Bold Magenta

Neon Orange

Loud Green

Shiny Silver and Gold

Classic Black and White

If going bold is not for you, try these classics:

deep purple