Ballerina flat – round toed flat thin soled slipper like shoe.

Clogs – thick wood shaped to the sole of a foot with a rounded toe and leather material covering the front of the shoe only. This is a slip on shoe.

Espadrille – This shoe is a wedge heel in a sandal style.  The front of the shoe is half covered with a soft fabric, most of the time it is canvas.  The back heel has a small covering while the middle of the foot is open and attached with a wide lace that wraps and ties around the ankle.

Gladiator sandal – are a flat sole shoe with open toes.  Small thin strips of material in various patterns cross over the foot .  The strips are connected to small thin straps that wrap around the ankle and/or lower leg two or more times.

Mary Jane – This shoe has a slipper look with a rounded toe and a strap across the top of the front at the lowest part of the ankle.  This shoe can be flat or with a heel variation.

Mule –  backless kitten heel slip on pump.  Mules are usually low heels about 2″.

Loafer – slip on shoe with a u-shape stitch on the top front of the shoe where the top and sides of the shoe connect.  A big flat heel under the entire heel adds a little lift.  Usually not more than one inch high.  Most loafers have wide buckle design on the top of the shoe.

Oxford – square or rounded lace up shoe with a very low heel.  Usually all leather with the entire foot covered.

Pump –  slipper type shoe made of many materials with a heel.  A pump is a mid size heel usually around 3″ or less.  Pumps have a pointed toe or angled front.

Stiletto – pump with a very thin spiked heel 3 – 5″ high.

Wedge – similar to a platform shoe the entire sole is an angled heel usually made from cork and sometimes covered with rope.


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