Boat neck – this neck line is slightly curved and goes from collar bone to collar bone

Cowl neck – this neckline consists of extra material that drapes down across the chest in a half circle

Crew neck – this is a high circle neckline at the base of the neck

Keyhole neck – this neckline is is a crew neck style with a small oval cutout in the center of the shirt at the neckline

Mock turtleneck – This style turtleneck is a single layer of material that fits snug around the neck, including 1 – 2 inches of the neck area

Plunging neckline – this is a very low V neck, usually showing excess cleavage

Scoop neck – this is a rounded neckline that sits below the base of the neck, mid chest height above the breast area

Slit cut neck – is a crew neck that has a slit in the middle of the neck.  The slit is not very long, just enough for the corners of the neckline to be seen.

Square neck – this neckline is cut in the shape of a square and sits mid chest height.

Sweetheart cut – this neckline resembles the top shape of a heart with the sides coming down in a squar shape

Turtle neck – a turtle neck has a high neck with extra material to fold over snuggly around the neck.  There is usually about 2 inches of extra material to fold down.

V neck – this cut dips down in the middle of the chest creating a point in the center.


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