Biker boots – black rugged leather look with a square toe. Leather straps go around the ankle and up from the sole and joined with a metal ring or chain.  These boots are low with about a one inch heel.

Chelsea boot – ankle boot with either a square or pointed toe with wide elastic on the side for pulling on and off.

Combat boots – very high cut work boots. Usually made from a thick leather, with wide rugged soles.

Cowboy boots – half calf high boots with pointed toes.  These boots have a heel approximately one inch high and are made of leather or exotic skins such as python, or crocodile.

Go-Go boots – shiny boots with a chunky square heel.  Tight fit with a zipper and ends just below the knee.

Granny boots – an ankle boot with a low heel and narrow toe.  These boots have either a lace-up or a button up front.

Over the knee bootsStiletto boots that have a cuff cut over the knee.  The cuff cut in the material helps with bending and sitting.  Over the knee go only a few inches over the knee.

Riding boots – these boots are knee high, with a low heel and a flat sole.

Shearling boots – sueded leather, flat boots. Variations of fur lining and accents are common.

Space boots – lightweight boot, flat sole with a flat heel that goes half calf high.  Usually made with a weather resistant material.

Stiletto boots – these are boots that fit snuggly (skintight) with a stiletto heel.  Usually made of leather and variations are from mid-calf to knee level.

Wedge boots – this boot is a variation of stiletto and go go boots, except that it has a wedge heel.

Wellington boots – rubber boots that rise just below the knee.  They have a thick rubber sole and are pull ons.


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