Archived article: Fall 2012 Fashion Must Haves

Fall is a great time to layer your clothes and add textures, but what’s in for Fall 2012?  As we transition into the colder months, our wardrobe also makes a transition.  Not only is it a great time to clean out your closet, it’s a great time to add new pieces and update your wardrobe.  As we add scarves, boots and jackets to our wardrobe, we can also add some flare.  And flare is what Fall 2012 is all about.

The bold colors from the summer are being carried over into Fall 2012.  Colored jeans are all the rage, but, for the Fall, camouflage patterns and prints are being introduced.  

If that’s not your thing, how about a glossy vinyl skirt or jacket?  Maybe you prefer good old fashioned leather instead, but this year, black leather is big.

I have put together a list of my top ten essentials for Fall 2012.  My top ten list is based on my research of current fashion as well as my personal opinion of what I, as a consumer would wear.  Although a glossy vinyl skirt may not make its way into my closet, a black leather jacket and boots are a definite.

Here’s my top ten 2012 Fall Fashion Must Haves List:

  1. Glossy vinyl jacket  or slicker
  2. Graphic design sweater or blouse
  3. Printed trousers/jeans
  4. Black leather
  5. Minimalist color block items
  6. Body contour dress
  7. Lace skirts and dresses
  8. Puffy vest or faux fur vest
  9. Skinny heel booties
  10. Gold jeans

Yes, gold and metallic is coming back; however, only the gold, not the silver.  You may see a lot of black and gold displayed together in stores this Fall.  Gold brocade enhances the solid black colors that we tend to gravitate towards in the Fall.  Enjoy shopping.


Archived article: Cobalt Blue for Fall 2012

Bold colors carry over into Fall 2012, but what is the color of the season this year?

English: Cobalt blue Deutsch: Cobaltblau

English: Cobalt blue Deutsch: Cobaltblau (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Fall, you may notice bold colors of summer are carrying over into Fall.  Many clothes you see in stores right now have a minimalist look to them.  Bold colors are paired with white, creating a stunning bright look.  Color blocking with crisp clean structured designs can be seen in many of the major department stores.  As Fall lines don the racks of your favorite stores,  be sure to include cobalt blue in your Fall wardrobe.  Upon review of the many fashion magazines and clothing store ads, you may have noticed, the big bold color for Fall 2012 is this deep rich hue of blue.  Enjoy your fall shopping.  Be sure to check back soon for my list of “Must Haves” for Fall 2012.  Thanks for reading.

Must Haves for Your 2012 Boot Collection

This season I cannot help but think of the song lyrics: “Apple Bottom Jeans, Boots with the Fur.” There are so many styles with faux fur accents this year.

Perhaps you already have boots with faux fur stashed away in your closet.  Pull out those fur lined boots, fold the tops down and show them off.

Of course, if you do not already have something like that, I have put together a list of my top ten favorite boots for Winter 2012 to help you update your boot stash.  Your signature style boot this year can be determined by three factors – boot height, heel height, and heel style. Your preference of these three factors determines your signature style.

First, you should decide if you want up to the knee, over the knee, mid calf or ankle height boots.  Second, you decide on the heel style.  The styles that I find to be hot this year are: a wedge, stiletto, flat, or a little bit wider than a stiletto.   And third, you choose the height of the heel.  This should be a height that you are comfortable walking in and could negotiate snowy sidewalks if necessary.

Next, you can combine your preferences with my top ten list and determine your signature boot style for this year. My top ten list is based on my research of the many fashion magazines one can refer to as well as my personal opinion of what I, as a consumer, would wear. Here’s my list:

  1. Wedge lace up ankle boot
  2. Platform lace up bootie with a stiletto heel
  3. Riding boots
  4. Shrug
  5. Shearling boots
  6. Snow shoe style boots
  7. Shearling ankle boots
  8. Boots with fur accents
  9. Stiletto boots
  10. Wellington boots

The above photo shows a picture of faux fur stiletto ankle shrug booties I just had to add to my wardrobe this year.  However, I have chosen a wedge as my signature style for the comfort and height.  A black lace up wedge bootie and some of my additional finds are shown below.

In addition to faux fur accents, buckles are on the rise this year. The below photo shows a tan buckle shrug bootie that can compliment your wardrobe.

The next photo is a pair of black stiletto booties that entice most skinny jean lovers.  Notice the fur lining and buckles.

Colourful PVC Wellingtons

Image via Wikipedia

My 1 pair calf- and 2 pair sheepskin boots

Image via Wikipedia

What are the hot colors for Fall 2011?

JUST GO BOLD this year.  This year, many designers are showing clothes that are colorful, loud and make a statement.  These colors will enhance your wardrobe this year.

Fall 2011 Colors:

Royal Blue

Bold Magenta

Neon Orange

Loud Green

Shiny Silver and Gold

Classic Black and White

If going bold is not for you, try these classics:

deep purple





What are the Fall Fashion Must Haves for 2011?

As we transition into the colder months, our wardrobe also makes a transition.  We begin adding warmer items such as scarves, boots, and jackets to our wardrobe.  But what are the must have items for Fall 2011?  Do you already have them stashed away in your closet?

I have put together a list of my top ten essentials for Fall 2011.  My top ten list is based on my research of the many fashion magazines one can refer to as well as my personal opinion of what I, as a consumer would wear.

Since Fall is the best time of year to shop and clean out your closet, take this list to your closet and see what you already have.  Perhaps you only need a few items, or venture out to buy everything on this list.   For fun, let me know what you agree with on my list by telling me about the magazine articles you find this Fall that mention the items on my list.  Do you think there is something missing on this top ten list?

Here’s my top ten 2011 Fashion Must Haves List:

  1. Faux fur purse or jacket
  2. Color block graphic design sweater
  3. Animal print boots or handbag
  4. Glossy top
  5. Cape (or blanket coat)
  6. Pea coat (classic look)
  7. Dress with lace
  8. Chunky bracelets and necklaces
  9. Penny loafer high heels
  10. Lace up booties

Here are some of my finds this year.  Happy shopping.