Signaturealamode is written by a freelance writer, modeling school graduate and a business school graduate with many years of experience in the business world.  Dressing for success is a must in any business or personal setting.  These articles can help guide you to develop your own signature style, learn basics of style and fashion, teach your kids fashion do’s and don’ts, appear professional at work or play, and improve your image and self esteem and even help you clean out your closet.  These articles are the opinion of the blog author.

You will find articles here that teach fashion basics.  Whether your a mom, a professional, a teen, a college student, a baby boomer, or just cleaning out your closet, a little fashion consulting comes in handy now and then.

Consider this blog as your on line image consultant.  Please check back often or sign up for email updates for new articles and tips for developing your signature style.

Thank you for reading.  Comments, questions and requests for articles are always welcome.  When you haven’t got a thing to wear, just ask.

This blog is a self help tool and for educational purposes only. Articles are the opinion of the blogger and do not represent brands, designers and/or stores mentioned in this blog. Articles are written based on the research of the blog author(s) – a consumer and fashion lover.  Photos are taken by the blogger unless otherwise cited and for educational purposes only.

Happy Shopping!!

Signaturealamode.com is the author/owner of these articles and must be properly credited when sharing this information. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without appropriate credit of this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.


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