Tips for Shopping for a Swimsuit

Signaturealamode suggests these tips when shopping for a swimsuit:

Allow plenty of time to try on different styles

When shopping for a swimsuit, allow yourself extra time.  This is probably the one item of clothing that we like to shop for the least.  The more you know what you like, the easier it will be to select a swimsuit.  You may wish to read my article on How to select a swimsuit before you go shopping.  This will help cut down on the time you spend searching all the styles on the racks.  However, shopping for a swimsuit when you are rushed can only led to regret if you do not have time to try on the swimsuit you select off the rack.

Do not go shopping hungry

If you go shopping for a swimsuit while you are hungry, you will tend to stop and eat at the mall.  Perhaps you’ll indulge on junk food.  Then, every swimsuit you try on will give you a disappointed feeling as your tummy feels stuffed.  You’ll find something wrong with every suit as you are only focusing on that bloated feeling if you have overeaten, or perhaps just devoured fried dough and icecream at that kiosk that smelled so marvelous across from the store.  Eat before you leave to go shopping and you’ll have a more successful trip when trying on swimsuits.

Don’t shop for a swimsuit if you are in a bad mood

If you’re having one of those self-loathing type of days, don’t try on swimsuits.  You’ll only get cranky and spend a lot of time hating everything.

Try on sizes too big for you

Start by trying on swimsuit sizes that are too big for you, swimsuits tend to run small.  Also, remember that some styles will not work for you no matter what the cut style.  When you start with a size larger, you can then realize where you need more or less coverage, then work your way down to a size that makes you feel great.

Check the labels

If a swimsuit has more lycra, you will get more coverage and control.  The thicker the fabric, the longer the swimsuit will hold its shape.

Try new styles

You may surprise yourself and look great in something different from your norm.


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