Is it okay to wear a turtleneck under a mock turtleneck?

Questions from readers:

Is it okay to wear a turtleneck under a mock turtleneck?

Blogger’s opinion: No.  The neckline of a piece of clothing was created in a manner to compliment that piece of clothing.  When wearing two different necklines together such as a mock turtleneck and a turtleneck, there is too much material at the neckline, making the look too bulky and awkward.

A better option would be to wear a scarf with a mock turtleneck if you need the extra warmth around your neck.

Not all necklines compliment each other, however, scoop necks worn together are a great look because of the consistency of the cut, turtleneck styles are not.

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Some of the types of questions asked have been: Need help matching colors? Which style shoes to wear with skinny jeans? What color goes best with green? Is it okay to wear a black dress to a summer wedding? When should I stop wearing a mini skirt?

Please remember, these answers are the opinion of the blogger and not representative of brands, designers, or businesses mentioned in this blog.  Thank you for reading.


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