What is the right neckline for you?

Do you know what type of neckline you are wearing?  Have you ever thought if it is the right one for you?  Some necklines are more flattering to your figure than others.  Do you notice if people comment on your appearance when you are wearing a certain neckline style?  To find which neckline enhances your look the best, start paying attention to the compliments you receive and take notice of what type of neckline you are wearing.

For example, if you notice that every time you wear a particular V-neck sweater people compliment you, then perhaps it is the neckline style that flatters you.  However, the color of the sweater may also be the root of your compliments, so try wearing different colors of a particular neckline cut to rule out that the color was gaining you compliments.

Here is a list of neckline styles.

Boat neck – this neck line is slightly curved and goes from collar bone to collar bone

Cowl neck – this neckline consists of extra material that drapes down across the chest in a half circle

Crew neck – this is a high circle neckline at the base of the neck

Keyhole neck – this neckline is is a crew neck style with a small oval cutout in the center of the shirt at the neckline

Mock turtleneck – This style turtleneck is a single layer of material that fits snug around the neck, including 1 – 2 inches of the neck area

Plunging neckline – this is a very low V neck, usually showing excess cleavage

Scoop neck – this is a rounded neckline that sits below the base of the neck, mid chest height above the breast area

Slit cut neck – is a crew neck that has a slit in the middle of the neck.  The slit is not very long, just enough for the corners of the neckline to be seen.

Square neck – this neckline is cut in the shape of a square and sits mid chest height.

Sweetheart cut – this neckline resembles the top shape of a heart with the sides coming down in a squar shape

Turtle neck – a turtle neck has a high neck with extra material to fold over snuggly around the neck.  There is usually about 2 inches of extra material to fold down.

V neck – this cut dips down in the middle of the chest creating a point in the center.

My personal recommendations for necklines are as follows:

Big busted women may find that these styles compliment them the most:  scoop neck, boat neck, crew neck, mock turtle neck.  You may find that these styles help down play the attention to this area and even out your figure giving you a more hourglass look.

Small busted women may choose to go with V-neck, cowl neck, keyhole and split cuts to create the illusion of a more enhanced top to create an hourglass figure look.

Plunging necklines are an accent that I recommend for evening wear and never to the office.

Once you determine which neckline enhances your figure the most, then that is the style you should focus on while on your next shopping trip.

Fabsugar.com has a fun post to test your knowledge on necklines.  Now that you know what styles there are, visit their site in the related article below to take a fun quiz.

Happy Shopping.


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