Your Signature Boot Style

What style boot is it?

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Do you have a favorite boot style?  If you do, then you have found your signature boot style.  There are so many boot styles to choose from when you go shopping.  Do you know what the name of the style of your favorite boots are?

Perhaps you are a boot lover and have many pairs of boots. How many boots and shoes do you have in your closet?   Have you ever wondered who owns the most pairs of shoes/boots? I used to think that anything over 100 was a lot. Did you know that Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France from 1774 – 1793, was known for owning about 500 pairs of shoes? [1]

You may have heard that Imelda Marcos owns about 3,000 pairs of shoes[2], which are now displayed in a museum.[3]  But did you know, that Danielle Steele, the famous author now has them beat with about 6,000 pairs of shoes?[4]

You may have many styles of boots in your closet, but do you go for the same pair of boots each time?  Along with your favorite shoe style, boots are part of your signature style.  When selecting your boot style, you should consider these factors:

  • Heel height
  • Heel type
  • Boot height
  • Style
  • Comfort

Heel height is what you feel comfortable wearing.  You may choose to wear flat heels over stilettos.  The type of heel you wear is a personal preference.  You may be comfortable in a wedge, and not a stiletto heel.  The style you choose is also a personal preference as you may like boots that end mid-calf  instead of ankle.  You may be more comfortable in a mid-calf boot, but dislike ankle or over the knee boots.

To help you narrow down your signature boot style, you can use the above list.   Jot down your preferences next to each item, then go through the below list of boot styles.  Cross off each boot style that does not have one of your preferences in the definition.  Once you have done this, you have narrowed down your style preferences.  You may only have a few styles left to choose from, but these are your signature boot styles.  Now when you go shopping, you’ll know exactly what to look.

Below is a list of boots styles that has been added to my Fashion Library Section.

Happy Shopping!

Biker boots – black rugged leather look with a square toe. Leather straps go around the ankle and up from the sole and joined with a metal ring or chain.  These boots are low with about a one inch heel.

Chelsea boots – ankle boot with either a square or pointed toe with wide elastic on the side for pulling on and off.

Combat boots – very high cut work boots. Usually made from a thick leather, with wide rugged soles.

Cowboy boots – half calf high boots with pointed toes.  These boots have a heel approximately one inch high and are made of leather or exotic skins such as python, or crocodile.

Go-Go boots – shiny boots with a chunky square heel.  Tight fit with a zipper and ends just below the knee.

Granny boots – an ankle boot with a low heel and narrow toe.  These boots have either a lace-up or a button up front.

Over the knee boots – Stiletto boots that have a cuff cut over the knee.  The cuff cut in the material helps with bending and sitting.  Over the knee go only a few inches over the knee.

Riding boots – these boots are knee high, with a low heel and a flat sole.

Shearling boots – sueded leather, flat boots. Variations of fur lining and accents are common.

Space boots – lightweight boot, flat sole with a flat heel that goes half calf high.  Usually made with a weather resistant material.

Stiletto boots – these are boots that fit snuggly (skintight) with a stiletto heel.  Usually made of leather and variations are from mid-calf to knee level.

Wedge boots – this boot is a variation of stiletto and go go boots, except that it has a wedge heel.

Wellington boots – rubber boots that rise just below the knee.  They have a thick rubber sole and are pull ons.

[1] Stalder, Erika. Fashion 101 A Crash Course in Clothing.  Ed. Zest Books, San Franciso, CA, 2008, by Orange Avenue Publishing, p. 101.

[2] Stalder, Erika. Fashion 101 A Crash Course in Clothing.  Ed. Zest Books, San Franciso, CA, 2008, by Orange Avenue Publishing, p. 101.


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