Have you counted the shoes in your closet lately?

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If you have been following the hit series Weeds on Showtime, you may have noticed that the leading lady, Nancy Botwin was quite angry when she found her sister wearing her shoes.   Or perhaps you’ve noticed the array of shoes Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City owns, only to wish you had a friend who bought you shoes while you were away on vacation.  Shoes seem to be very precious to us.  Since when have women been so obsessed about shoes?

When did we start wearing shoes anyways?  We may never get an accurate answer to this question, but shoes have been traced back to as early as the Paleolithic times about 40,000 years ago. [1]  Ancient shoes began as sandals.  There were no differences in the shapes of the left foot and the right foot.[2]  Neanderthals and men wore these sandal type shoes to protect their feet from sharp objects, perhaps while they were hunting.  Egyptians began to make improvements to these archaic sandals approximately 5,000 years ago, making Egyptians the first shoemakers.[3]

Eventually shoes became a fashion statement – and still are today.  There are so many styles to choose from.  So many designers.  So many colors.  So many materials.

At one time, I owned 72 pairs of shoes.  There was a different style and color for every occasion.  Do we really need that many?  Yes, of course, and here’s why?  There are so many occasions to wear them.  We no longer hunt and live with basic Neanderthal needs.  We go to work, go shopping, go to the gym, go on dates, go to clubs, attend weddings, graduations, first communions, and all sorts of parties and occasions.  So yes, we do need many shoes for these occasions.  The Egyptians started the change for us with their lifestyle and here we are today still in need of many styles.

What kind of styles are there?  Here’s a basic list.

Ballerina flat



Flip flop

Gladiator sandal

Jelly shoes


Mary Jane




Peep toe









Now that you know the styles that are out there you can pick which ones you like to wear the best.  Wear that style often and it will,  of course, become your signature style shoe.  Just like “Carrie Bradshaw” who wears stilettos all the time, you can have your own signature style shoe.

The average woman owns approximately 19 pairs of shoes at one time and purchases over 450 pairs of shoes in a lifetime. (These numbers were taken from: http://www.quora.com/How-many-pairs-of-shoes-does-the-average-woman-own).

Please share with my readers how many pairs of shoes you own?

As always, thank you for reading. Please check back often for new articles on shoes and visit my fashion library as it develops.


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