Do you know how to choose your Signature Handbag

Did you know that men were actually the first to carry handbags?   Hieroglyphics of ancient times show men with a handbag.  Men of these times would carry flint and money.   King Tut, of course, had a great deal of money in his handbag.  In Egyptian times, the more money you had the more elaborate and jeweled your handbag would be…..sounding familiar to current times.  It wasn’t until the 14th century that the term handbag was used and women began carrying their daily needs as well.

The first designer label on a handbag was not until 1896.  By guess who…..that’s right Louis Vuitton Malletier.  Louis Vuitton started as a trunk maker placing his famous LV on all his luggage.  Men and women began to travel in the early 1900’s and needed a place for their belongings.  The rich began to travel the world and purchased Louis Vuitton trunks and bags.  Hmmm…..sounding like times have not changed?  I’ll let you Google the history of handbags to read more own your own, but the fun facts I have shared with you can be found at these links:

Now that history has developed the handbag over centuries, how do you pick a signature handbag that is just right for you?   A handbag, like perfume, is also a part of your personality.  The size, color and shape of your handbag display your style preference.  If you like bold colors, then perhaps that says something about your personality, for example, a pink bag might show that you are fun.   If you always choose blacks and browns, perhaps your personality is all business.

There a several preferences to choose from when selecting a handbag.  Some of the elements for the style of your handbag are listed below.  Please feel free to post comments for blog readers if you have elements to add. Also, if you would like to share your great deals, you may post the website where you find your handbags for a great deal, or even a photo to brag.  I will get into online shopping sites in a future blog.

When you are able to decide what your preferences are for each of the below elements, you can start perusing the designers’ collections that feature your preferences.  Here is a list of handbag elements to get you started:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Material
  • Soft sided or Framed
  • Handle styles
  • color

Once you have selected specifics for the above elements, you have defined your style.  Next, of course, it’s time to go shopping.  As you browse the stores for your personal style, you may find that there are designers that make specifically what is on your list of preferences.  Once you find the bag that has all your preferences, take note of the designer.  Perhaps you have found your signature designer and bag.

There are so many different styles to choose from so you might need a little more help with the above list.  Let’s start with talking about shapes.   Here are a few specific shapes you may wish to consider:

  • hobo
  • bucket
  • clutch
  • messenger
  • satchel

These are only a few of the multitude of shapes that are out there, however, these shapes seem to be the most common.

Once you’ve selected a shape, the size of your handbag depends on your personality and lifestyle.  If you prefer to only carry your keys and wallet, then a small size bag is great for you.  However, if  you are running around with the kids all day and in goes the bottle, in goes the gameboy, out comes the lollipop, then you may need a large handbag.  The size is your lifestyle preference.

Some of you ask, what do you mean soft side?  Well, I mean nothing that has a frame that holds the handbag in a perfect shape.  A lot of the new Christian Dior handbags in current fashion magazines are showing framed bags.

Christian Dior brings me to the next element, which is material.  I say Christian Dior because the 2011 Dior ads featured a quilted look, which reminds me of materials.  Here are some materials you might consider:

  • leather
  • plastic
  • polyurethane
  • crocodile,
  • canvas
  • nylon
  • suede

Of course, here you must pick what you like the best also; hence, you signature bag is being developed by your preferences and lifestyle.  Your lifestyle comes in to play when picking your materials.  Are you rough with your handbags, do you change them often?  Do you plop it on the floor all the time?  Do you dry off your bag as soon as you come in from the rain? When you decide the type of material you should have, keep in mind what you want your handbag to be able to do.

The last preference, other than color, would be handles.  What type of handles do you like?  Do you want a single handle, double handle, or chained accent handles.  Do you want your handbag to go over your shoulder Consider the length of the handles.

Once you have decided on these elements, you can narrow down your style bag and designer, and then begin your collection of colors.  Colors, well, you can probably figure that one out on your own.  But, please post your questions if you have any.

Now that you have started thinking about your signature handbag, I’m going to share mine with you as an example.   My signature handbag is a Michael Kors black leather satchel.  It is my favorite handbag in my collection and serves all my personal needs.

Here is my specific style:

Shape – satchel (everyday look)

Size – large and soft sided (so I can stuff a lot in it)

Material – leather (because it is rugged)

Handle – double straps (just long enough to go over my shoulders)

Color – black (for everyday use, and matches just about anything)

I look forward to your ideas and posts about your signature bag.  Please share your ideas and photos to help my readers select their signature bag.  Happy shopping! !


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