How to find your Signature Scent

Shelves of perfumes

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“In 1989, Azria launched BCBGMAXAZRIA,[1]
named for the French phrase “bon chic, bon genre,” a
Parisian slang meaning “good style, good attitude”.[1] (Wikipedia)

Of all the many items one can find in the fashion world, a signature scent is a must have for all women.  What do I mean by signature? Simply, it is yours.  It is your style.  It is your favorite.  It makes you feel confident.  It is your personality.  A signature scent can help you create your good style and good attitude.

Women have worn perfumes as part of their personality for many years.  I do not mean since Coco Chanel came out with her famous perfume, I mean 4,000 years.  Women have worn perfume scents as early as the Mesopotamian times and ancient Egyptian times.  (

The world’s first chemist was a woman – yes a woman, who else would you think.  Her name was Tapputi, (

Tapputi extracted oils out of flowers.   Archaeologists have found cuneiform tablets depicting the perfume maker.    Cleopatra scented the sails on her ship when she met Mark Antony.  King Tut was buried with fragrances  as were many Egyptians to maintain healthy skin in the afterlife. (

In later years, Romans and Persians began to refine making perfumes and here we are today, still wearing perfumes.    However, today, our perfumes are sold by fashion designers, not chemists.  Hence, we choose our favorite scents by our favorite designers and call it our signature scent.

A signature scent is a perfume or cologne that one wears all the time.  People recognize you by your signature scent.  However, the right scent must be selected in order for it to be your signature scent.  Your personality is part of your signature scent.  For example, if you like the smell of flowers, a floral scent would fit your personality.  If you like the smell of fruits, then a perfume with a citrus smell would be for you.

There are so many different types of perfumes to choose from.  Below is a list of different types of scents to help you narrow down your search for a signature scent.

  1. Floral (flowers)
  2. Citrus (light and crisp)
  3. Oriental (spicy)
  4. Chypre (mossy)
  5. Gourmand (foods, sweet smells)
  6. Fougere (herbs)

Now that you know this list, you can go to your local department store and start smelling and collecting samples.    You’ll need to bring your cup of coffee shopping with you.  As you smell each scent in the type of fragrance that you might like, you will need to sniff your coffee in between each sample.  Each time you smell your coffee, you will clear your olfactory senses and be ready for the next scent.

Once you have tried different smells and selected the type of scent you like, you can further define your signature scent by wearing samples and keeping track of the compliments you receive.  If you choose floral as your favorite type of scent, then you should start wearing only floral scents.

As you wear these floral fragrance samples, take notice when someone comments on your fragrance.  Perhaps your spouse will tell you they like a certain scent on you.  Perhaps a friend tells you that you smell good.  When you have narrowed down the scent that you like and most people compliment you on, then you can say you have found your signature scent.  Start wearing this scent all the time.

Now, of course, you may choose a pricey scent as I have, Gucci, but keep in mind, the bottle is special too.  Here’s a little tid bit to help you feel better about the price.  “Glass first appeared in Egypt around 1558 BC, it was more precious than jewels.” (  Imagine . . . having an alabaster and gold bottle in Egyptian times was no big deal, but a glass bottle was a sign of wealth.  So check out the deal you are getting now for that glass bottle.

Enjoy your new signature perfume!


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