How do you find your Signature Style? Your Own Signature Style Chart

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Do you have your own style?  Do people remember you as the well-dressed girl at the party?  . . . The PTO mom that has it all together? . . .  The classiest looking assistant in the building?  Are you remembered for always looking sharp?  Or are you remembered as “that one.”  You know…you’ve seen her…the one that wears the pajama pants to the grocery store.  Or your friend that always wears sweats when you meet for a drink.  Do you want to be remembered in a good way?

Your image is a visual memory in someone else’s mind.  So why not have a signature image.  Whatever your preference is for clothing, your image is remembered that way.  Not that everyone is a visual learner, but people remember more visually.

To build your image and be memorable, you need to determine several things about yourself.  Here is my list of items that will help build your personal style.  You can print out this form and write down your personal information next to it.  There is a place to write down the date as you may change your answers
over time.

_________________’s  personal style.  Date: _________________

Body shape
Weight and height
High heels or flats
Trouser cut
Skirt cut
Neckline preference
Dress style
Jacket style
Best colors

If you change your answers over time, the factors that might change your personal style are: age, weight gain/loss, color preferences, or you just simply want to change things as fads change.  Use this list when shopping and stick to it.  If you do, you will always have something in your closet that compliments your body for any occasion.

Let us begin talking about body shapes so you can fill in the chart above.  I like to determine body shape by following the guide that designer Joy Wilson created.  Her website offers an online quiz that you can take to determine your body shape.

There are only four questions and it is quick.   The list of below shapes is explained on her website:






Now that you know your body type, let’s fill in the above chart with your preferences.  After you have used the information from as a guide, you can then fill in the rest of my above chart and create your own signature style. Your chart above is your personal style with your personal preferences; hence, it is your signature style.

So, let’s talk more about the other items in my Personal Style Chart.

Weight, height and age play a large role in what you are comfortable wearing.  Only you can decide what makes you feel good and feel comfortable.  You can get a little help here by listening to the comments people offer you.  For example, if you have a close friend that will be honest with you and say, “Those slacks make your thighs look huge,” notice the style you are wearing.  Maybe the cut of those pants do not flatter your body shape. Perhaps you should remove that style trouser from your closet.  Perhaps you have a teenage daughter that will be brutally honest with you and say, “Mom, please don’t wear that mini skirt to pick me up at school today.”  This is a hint that minis are not right for your body shape – back to the closet, take out all the minis.    Has a friend, date, or spouse ever said to you “That’s how you’re going out?”  Think about what you were wearing.  Not so flattering for your body type?  Okay, take those pieces out of your closet too.  Now you have room for your signature style and a few new pieces.

The pieces you have kept should be pieces that people have rewarded you with compliments.   These are the comments that will help build your signature style and a wardrobe that helps you look good and feel confident all the time, every day, and for all occasions.

Fill in the rest of the chart with your personal preferences.  Do you wear heels all the time? Or flats?  Then move on to trousers.  Do skinny cuts, flares or boot cuts look best on you.  Also, keep in mind waist cuts.  Do low rise drive you nuts?  Are mid-rise more comfortable?  Once you have filled that in, you can determine which skirt style is best for you.  Are you short, then maybe long ankle length skirts are not for you.  Perhaps an A-line flatters your body shape.   Go with a classic pencil skirt if it flatters you the most.

As you continue to fill in the above chart, remember you are personalizing your wardrobe with your most flattering styles.   Note that I did not get into dress styles, jacket styles, necklines or skirt cuts.  I will address clothing styles and cuts in future articles.  If you have specific questions, please add a comment below.

Now let’s look at a completed chart for Imaginary Girl.

Imaginary girl’s personal style.  Date: 6/13/2011

Body shape rectangle
Weight and height 128 lbs., 5’3”
Age 35
High heels or flats both
Trouser cut Skinny or straight
Skirt cut pencil
Neckline preference v-neck
Dress style wrap
Jacket style Classic lapel, waist length, no shoulder pads
Best colors Brown, black, purple, green, gray, navy blue, beige, taupe

Once you have filled in this chart, you have selected your signature style.  Keep your style in mind when shopping (or cleaning out your closet) and buy what is on your chart.  You will always feel good about yourself, have the right thing to wear, and look great wherever you go.


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